Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Academy Clarksfield helps kick start ‘Keep Clarksfield Clean’ campaign

Oasis Academy Clarksfield helps kick start ‘Keep Clarksfield Clean’ campaign

The big clean up started on Thursday 29th April & a number of community members have joined to support the campaign.

Staff and students at Oasis Academy Clarksfield joined members of the community to undertake the first project in their ‘Keep Clarksfield Clean’ campaign.

On Thursday 29th April pupils joined members of the community to help clean up one of the local alleyways, which backs onto the school, and even donated some of their own flowerbeds to bring colour to the area. Pupils were supported by staff, local residents, members of the Oasis Hub and the Jamiesons construction team.

Nigel Fowler, Principal at Oasis Academy Clarksfield, commented on the campaign saying; “At Oasis Academy Clarksfield we are working hard to create an exceptional environment for our children and to make our academy a key centre for the community.”

“We are currently undergoing a £4 million refurbishment project which will help us to do this. The alleyway is next to our new main entrance and Early Years areas and has sadly been allowed to deteriorate over a period of time.”

“Our amazing staff and children are helping clear the rubbish and we are also donating a number of old planters we have in order to make this an area to be proud of. Working with the community, Oldham Council, local residents, local community groups, the Oasis Hub and even our trusted builders from Jamiesons construction who have donated time and resources, we are showing how we can collaborate for the good of the area.”

Earlier this year pupils from a number of year groups designed posters as a reminder to keep the area clean, which will soon be made into printed signs and displayed in hotspots for littering and fly tipping around Clarksfield. This is all part of a wider project, to improve the area around the school and create spaces within school grounds which can be shared between the school community and local residents.

Emily Charles, Community Hub Leader at Oasis Academy Clarksfield, added; “It is important for our children to be able to feel proud of the area they live in. They are keen to get involved and take ownership of looking after Clarksfield, which we hope will have a lasting impact on the area.”

“We would like to thank all of the community members and the team at Oasis Hub Oldham, who volunteered their time to support us with this project and hope we can work with them and many other members of the community in the future to continue to make positive changes for the area.”

As part of the ongoing refurbishment project, the school is creating a number of community spaces including; a community room, a peace garden and a studio space which will be available to members of the local community outside of school hours. They are also hoping to be able to source the funds to improve their outdoor pitch area to create a more useable space for both pupils and local residents to play sports.