Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

New Library has opened at Oasis Clarksfield

New Library has opened at Oasis Clarksfield

Students in Key Stage One have been enjoying their brand-new library which opened last month.

Our amazing new library has been created as part of the ongoing building renovation, which will see £4 million spent on refurbishing the school to create an exceptional environment for the children and make the academy a key centre for the community.

Reading has been a key area of improvement for the school in recent years, with staff undertaking training from lead teachers in the subject and money being invested into a new phonics scheme and new reading materials. The new library is one of three which will be created as part of the renovation, one for each key stage, in order to promote a love of reading for every child that attends the school.

The Libraries have been designed by Gemma Dickenson of OSI Furniture alongside Mrs Aslam, our reading recovery coordinator.  Mrs Aslam stated  ‘We are delighted with our new library for our Foundation Stage and Key Stage One children. It has provided an inviting, warm sanctuary for them to explore their love of books. We cannot wait to nurture that! The design and furniture is just what we envisaged, it’s is perfect’. 

Mr Caffery, our Operations Manager’s husband, gave up his time to decorate the library with a beautiful mural to enhance the calm and inviting atmosphere of the room.

Oasis Leesbrook kindly donated a large sum of money to the school to be able to update the reading books last year, which are now proudly displayed in the new library space.

Mr Fowler, our Principal commented:

As part of our drive to continually improve standards and to provide an outstanding environment for our children I’m delighted that our first reading pod has opened. This provides an enchanting and exciting space for children in Early years and Key Stage 1 to learn to read and to find a love of reading. Thanks to Mr Caffery for kindly giving up his time to put our mural up and to complete the room.

Miss Morrish, our Assistant Headteacher added:

At Oasis Academy Clarksfield, reading is at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to instill a love of reading within our children. We are delighted that our Early Years and KS1 Reading Pod is complete and the children have really enjoyed using it so far for group work, Guided Reading, Phonics and reading for pleasure. We wanted the Reading Pod to inspire children and create awe and wonder. We are really excited for the builders to complete the next Reading pods for the rest of the school!’