Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

#helloyellow day at OAC 2021

#helloyellow day at OAC 2021

This year we decided to take part in #helloyellow day. We all wore yellow clothes to school to show young people they are not alone with their mental health, to learn about positive mental health and how we can improve our well- being.

We all struggle with how we're feeling sometimes and it's normal to have ups and downs. This year might have felt a little more down than up. But it's the little things that have got us through it - the morning walks, singing in the shower, time with our families, making banana bread, home learning and eventually being allowed back to school to see all our friends and teachers!

We to had lots of fun taking part in the following activities:

·         Yoga for kids

·         Mindfulness colouring

·         Worrysaurus story and follow up activities

·         Colour monster story and follow up activities

·         The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse book and follow up activities

·         Mindfulness breathing exercises for children

·         Meditation for children

Remember if you are feeling down there are 5 ways to well- being that can help us all feel better! 

Give: raising money for charity or donating food/ clothes to the less fortunate is a really great way of making us feel good!

Keep learning: Learning something new such as a new sport or taking part in a new hobby helps keeps our minds active and overcome negative feelings.

Be active: Taking a walk, riding a bike, having a day out with family and friends, tidying your bedroom!- are all great ways to help us feel better

Take notice: We all have busy lives and sometimes we forget to stop and take in the world around us. Taking a walk in a park, a moment to think about our friends and family and people we care about, taking notice of nature can improve the way we view things that make us feel bad.

Connect: Talking to teachers, friends, family, mental health specialists or other professionals is a great way to help us talk and think about our feelings and things that are impacting negatively on our mental health. The smallest of things can make the biggest difference! If you are having a bad day something as simple as playing out with your friends or going for a cup of tea with someone you trust can make all the difference!