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Bubble Diaries Day 4

Bubble Diaries Day 4

As we are coming to the end of the first week of our bubble diaries, lets take a look at what the children have done today! 

Squirrel Bubble

Mr Woodyet’s bubble decided on the name Squirrel Bubble.

We have learned about space this week and painted a solar system, made rockets and created space themed T-shirts. We have been so creative this week!

Crazy Bubble

We have been practising our 6 times table in maths, done some reading comprehension and this afternoon we made paper elephants!

7Up Bubble

Today 7Up Bubble have been writing fact files, creating their own stories and studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They even made their own Oompa Loompas! 


Brilliant Bubble

Today we have been learning about astronauts and space missions.  We have had fun making our own rockets.

Clever Cats Bubble

The Clever Cats Bubble completed their posters today. They also used the iPads to complete some maths games and took part in more yoga and wake up shake up activities. This afternoon, the children created some lion art – first, they drew the face of the lion using a step-by-step instruction sheet. They then started to add the mane using strips of coloured paper and gradually layering them. These will be finished tomorrow and displayed in the classroom.

Shooting Stars Bubble

Shooting Stars bubble have continued to learn about minibeasts today, with a particular focus on learning about ladybirds.  We looked at a powerpoint presentation and video clip all about the life cycle of a ladybird, discussed what we could see in the images and learnt new language and vocabulary about ladybirds such as ‘larvae’ and ‘pupa’.  We labelled a picture of a ladybird’s body, sequenced pictures to show the life cycle, looked on the internet for fun facts about ladybirds, searched for images of ladybirds on the I pad and drew our own pictures of ladybirds.  We then combined all of this work and learning to create a large poster/fact sheet about things we had learnt.  After all that hard work we enjoyed a bit of free time playing some online maths games using the I pads and scanning QR codes. 


In the afternoon we listened to a range of ladybird themed stories including ‘What the Ladybird Heard’, made a moving split pin ladybird and created a ladybird in the garden picture. 


We have had a really fun day again today, a very busy week and are looking forward to learning about sea creatures within an under the sea theme of learning next week.

Legends Bubble