Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Latest News

Nursery Math!

To learning about the number 2, the Nursery children have used the counters to show two on the tens frame in different ways and have made a good attempt to write the number two. 

RB Science!

This week in RB we have been learning how different animals still warm in cold temperatures.  

Chinese New Year!

This year Chinese New Year is on Sunday 22nd January 2023, it is also known as a spring festival and is China’s most important and longest festival

1B Maths and Geography

In 1B, the children have been busy exploring making ten and adding 2 single digit numbers together bridging 10.

Nursery Superheroes!

Linked to learning about superheroes, the Nursery children have enjoyed using her superhero zapper to zap the different numbers upon instruction, developing their number recognition skills for numbers up to 5.

4B Career's Week!

Last week, Year 4 had visits from Mr. Smith (an electrician), Mr. Kazmi ( a compliance and ethics legal assistant) and Mrs. Riley (a Co-op member Pioneer).   

Nursery PE

During this week’s PE session the nursery children explored moving their bodies in different ways, as pretending to be different animals.

A Week At Nursery!

As part of our recent careers fair week, the nursery children were visited by Mr Smith the electrician. Mr Smith described the job that he does and why it is important. The children also learnt lots of facts and information about electricity.

The Hub is Back!

Our Embroidery group will re-start on Monday January 23rd 9.15 am – 11a m in our Hub room at Clarksfield. New members are welcome so please come and give it a try.  All materials are provided and no experience is required as full support is given from Saira our lovely teacher.

RB Careers Week

Today in RB we had a special visit from an electrician as part of our careers week.

1A Career's Week

The children in 1A loved learning about how to be an electrician from Mr Smith.

RB Storytime!

This week in RB we have started reading our new text 'The Story Book Knight'.