Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

The Hive

At Oasis Academy Clarksfield, we believe that children should be able to learn, and be successful in a happy and safe environment.

‘The Hive’ was introduced in March 2021 to provide an alternative space for some children who find some aspects of their mainstream classroom challenging.

‘The Hive’ is the name we use for the hub of pastoral and SEND activities and is a warm and homely environment focusing on social and emotional skills, where children can access learning at a developmentally appropriate level. 

Our curriculum for pupils with SEND is SAFE (Sequential, Active, Focussed and Explicit) and The Hive provides us with a platform to embed a bespoke curriculum for our pupils who have additional needs.

The Hive is a purpose-built space that our pupils with pastoral needs and/or SEND can access at various points of the school day, alongside learning in their classroom. 

Throughout the day, children will have access to specialist equipment and provision to meet their needs and have time to focus on important life skills, problem solving and communication as well as English and Maths skills. 

Learning in the Hive is centred around a bespoke curriculum that is based around the 7 principles of the Rochford Review (2020). The curriculum has deep roots in discovery, responsiveness, curiosity, anticipation, persistence, initiation, and investigation. 

The Hive is also the home of our Pastoral team and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Cassin and is a place children can go to calm down, have time to talk sessions to discuss any worries or concerns.

Within The Hive there is Breakfast Club where places are allocated by Mrs Cassin. Each day there is a Lunchtime Club for those who find the playground challenging and need structure to their lunchtime break. The pupils can socialise with their peers and enjoy the activities, such as Lego, doll’s house, colouring and games.

In The Hive there are also regular social groups, 1:1 sessions and ELSA interventions to support children with their emotions.



The Hive