Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pastoral Care

We are aware some of our young people may face different challenges as they grow up, be that academically, socially, emotionally or developmentally, therefore we want to do everything we can to help and support them. In the academy we have a support base called The Hive, this is where SEN or vulnerable pupils are supported and encouraged. The Hive is designed to support pupils in all aspects of school life, academically and emotionally. 

The staff in The Hive can provide support with: 

  • Building positive relationships with peers. 
  • Partnerships with external organisations for those who need extra specialist support.  
  • Encouraging pupils to talk about their worries and concerns. 
  • Helping to raise self-esteem and confidence within pupils.  
  • Supporting pupils to understand and deal with their emotions. 
  • Easing any anxieties individuals may have. 
  • Providing a quiet area for vulnerable/SEND pupils.  

    We know that the most effective learners are happy learners, therefore from the start of your child's journey with us through to the end of their time in primary school, we aim to make sure they feel supported, encouraged, and motivated to learn and to be confident to talk about their worries and emotions.  

    Our academy is thriving with healthy relationships and positive influences. Our staff take the time to get to know each of their pupils, finding out what your child is interested in, where their aspirations lie and what hopes they have for their year.  

    There are a number of pupils who have been identified as vulnerable, they are allocated time with a member of the pastoral team, who will offer support, strategies, ‘time to talk’ and opportunities to share their concerns. Some of the support for pupils maybe due to having issues within the family home, external agency support for the child and family, bereavement, or behaviour. The pastoral staff will build up positive, professional relationships with the pupils and will support pupils to deal with and understand the concern raised. 

    During lunchtimes The Hive provides structure and routine to vulnerable pupils who may struggle to cope with unstructured times of the day. They can come to The Hive and spend time socialising in a positive way with peers in a structed environment. Some activities the pupils enjoy at lunchtime are drawing, reading, playing games and playing with Lego. 









If pupils have any worries, they are encouraged to report their worries either in person to a trusted adult, complete a worry box slip form the worry box in class or scan the QR on the ‘Speak up, we can help’ posters around school. Pupils with worries will be allocated time to talk about their worries or concerns with a member of the pastoral team. 

Prayer Room

We have facilities in place for children and staff of all faiths to take time for prayer in a safe environment. It is very important to us that our Clarksfield family feels able to practice their faith, and feel welcomed in doing so whilst with us.