Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Extra Curricular Activities

To further enrich their lives at the Academy, children are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activates.  Such activities vary from year to year but normally include football, rugby, hockey, netball, gymnastics and athletics, gardening, film making, art, dance, drama, chess and choir. The Academy provides access to a peripatetic clarinet and saxophone teacher if parents/carers wish to buy extra music lessons. Most activities take place after the Academy day. Children may be asked to contribute a small fee towards the cost of providing materials for these activities.

Sporting Aims

Children at Oasis Academy Clarksfield are encouraged to participate in a variety of sporting activities ranging from gymnastics, dance, and small ball games to team games such as netball, football and rounders. From Year 4 onwards children attend swimming lessons.

Whilst urging the children to do their best at all times, we also believe that children should learn to enjoy taking part and that winning is not the only mark of achievement.

The Academy is a member of the Sports Development Programme and benefits from participating in a range of local organised competitions. 

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