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As part of our enrichment offer we run Themed Weeks at Oasis Academy Clarksfield.

These are designed to help truly immerse our children in their learning and to inspire them to think further than each lesson.

Some examples of the themed weeks we do are:

Computing Week @ Clarksfield


  • to provide training, as well as classroom support across all key stages, in order to meet the demands of the NC requirements for Computing
  • to enable both staff and children to further develop computing skills with cross curricular links, supported by a specialist Computing consultant
  • to raise expectations and the profile of Computing in school
  • to provide a platform where the children will present their final outcomes, and as school, we celebrate their achievements and successes

As part of Clarksfield’s Computing Week, the children were visited by professionals working in the industry.  They used existing technology in new and exciting ways and experienced programming robots, as well as getting creative with Makey Makey, iMovie, Green Screens and Virtual Reality Goggles.

In addition to this, throughout the week, each class focused on a specific aspect of e-safety from password encryption to communication using social media.

Poetry Week

As part of the school’s continuous drive to raise standards in English, Clarksfield’s very own English Team have introduced an initiative titled: The Clarksfield English Flow.

During the first week of each half-term, the children are immersed in poetry - in every English lesson - for the entire week!  They read a range of poems, discuss vocabulary and the poet’s choice of words, explore in detail poetic devices and use drama techniques to develop speaking and listening skills (during NO PENS WEDNESDAY).

In Poetry Week, the classrooms were a hive of activity with lessons related to poetry. From the off, every child was challenged to be creative and think 'outside the box'.  The children explored the different forms of poetry and then independently wrote and performed their own verses, poems, riddles and raps.

Finally, children shared their work in a special celebration assembly. It was great to see the children so excited, engaged and eager to share their work which in some cases was a short performance of a piece of poetry they had written independently.