Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

EYFS Curriculum Intent

EYFS Curriculum Intent

The curriculum in the Early Years provides a strong foundation for learning with a clear structure, whilst ensuring there are ambitious opportunities for children to learn. Through valuing every child and believing that every child is capable of making good progress, we can ensure that no child is left behind. This is achieved through mapping out overarching themes and key skills, effective backward planning from the end goal, planning in termly assessment checkpoints to ensure children are assessed to be on track accurately and careful planning of the environment and purposeful, targeted assessment. The effective Early Years curriculum ensures that children leave Reception with the foundations of learning to be successful in Year 1.



The areas of learning are:

The areas of learning in EYFS are:

In the Early Years, children learn through a wide variety of approaches. This includes:


Phonics session where children learn a new sound

Segmenting and blending phonics session


Guided Reading

Whole Class Reading



Access to the indoor and outdoor environments to demonstrate purposeful play

Physical activity



Listening to reading 1:1 (more frequent for lowest 20%)

Small group focus activities

Assembly with a focus on the 9 habits and British Values











Enrichment opportunities

Carefully considered overarching themes

Carefully planned quality texts

Carefully planned vocabulary

Carefully planned sticky knowledge and effective use of knowledge organisers

Planned using careful research and metacognitive strategies

Leuvan Scale used to plan curriculum offer to support children’s ‘wellbeing’ and ‘involvement’