Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Our intent

Curriculum statement of intent

 Preparing young people for a lifetime of learning

Oasis Academy Clarksfield is situated in an area of Oldham with a high level of deprivation, our children often have very limited knowledge and experience of the world around them. The majority of our children speak English as an additional language, and many were not born in this country. The dynamics of our school have changed dramatically over time; becoming a much more multi-cultural Academy. Our children live in an ever-developing world where they require the skills and qualifications, flexibility, emotional intelligence and expertise to be leaders and to thrive as human beings and members of society. For our children, early development and retention of reading, vocabulary and communication skills are the most important factors to get right as early as possible.


The curriculum at Oasis Academy Clarksfield is at the heart of everything we do. It is designed specifically for our pupils and community in the context in which we are situated. In order for our children to become resilient, respectful, honest and empathetic learners who show integrity, our contextualised curriculum is therefore based on strong foundations of character development; developing life-long learners and ensuring that all pupils are equipped with the learning habits AND the qualifications to thrive in 21st Century. Fundamental British Values, the Oasis 9 habits and the Protected Characteristics and Safeguarding are interwoven into the curriculum to ensure our children have multiple opportunities to learn how to become tolerant and respectful members of our diverse community, both in school and beyond the classroom. Our inclusive practice teaches excellent behaviour for learning and ensures that the Oasis 9 habits are deep routed in everything that we do.

The aim of our curriculum is to close the Cultural Capital gap and provide our children with knowledge rich experiences they would not normally have access to. We fully believe that the more children know, the easier it is to learn, so using the breadth of study as set out in the National Curriculum, we have identified key knowledge, skills and vocabulary, written into granular steps, that the children need to learn within every subject, across each year group. Key concepts are purposely revisited and built upon to deepen children’s understanding and support retention of knowledge. In addition to the National Curriculum requirements, additional non-statutory key concepts are woven in to ensure that our curriculum is aspirational and feeds directly into the Curriculum of our main feeder Secondary School. This ensures that children are fully equipped when they leave Oasis Academy Clarksfield for their next stage of their education.

Our contextualised curriculum is heavily based on research, including the EEF (The Education Endowment Foundation), The Sutton Trust and The National College and is informed by the most recent research into the Science of Learning to enable us to evaluate best practice and ensure the curriculum is designed and taught in a way that best suits our children. The organisation of the curriculum reflects the research and effective pedagogy so each subject is therefore delivered discretely. This ensures that subject disciplines are effective and knowledge retention is each subject is of high quality. This also enables Subject Leaders to effectively monitor and evaluate the progression of learning in their subjects.

This curriculum is accessed by all, with content being ambitiously challenging at every level so that all pupils reach their full potential through building deep knowledge structures, and progressive skills, all enhanced by the use of technology; ensuring digital fluency is woven into the curriculum at every available opportunity.

How do we achieve this?

Our team of Subject Leaders are experts in their own curriculum area, using coaching and instructional coaching to develop staff in their teams. Support and coaching is broken down into granular steps to ensure quality teaching and learning of all subjects across school. High quality teaching and assessments contribute to a culture and environment that allows pupils to focus on learning. Subject Leaders work collaboratively with the Leadership Team to monitor, evaluate and review the curriculum and check that learning in each year group consistently matches the Academy’s ambitions and aims of the curriculum.

A further way in which we develop children’s experiences is through themed days/weeks and assemblies which focus on British Values, SMSC and/or current national and global issues or celebrations. Each topic is linked to quality texts (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) which allows us to provide cross curricular learning experiences which really broaden our pupil’s experiences and raise their aspirations.