Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pupil Voice

We believe that students learn better when they are engaged with the way that their education is delivered. By allowing your students to feel empowered in their position within the academy, you are giving them a pedestal to stand on and be heard, thus creating a passion for their environment and essentially - their education.

We therefore hold regular Pupil Voice surveys, and encourage our pupils to talk to their peers on the Student Council about ways that the academy can improve and support them better.

Results October 2021

Is school fun?                                     92% of children said yes

Do you like your lessons?                  93% of children said yes

Do you feel safe at school?               93% of children said yes

What is your favourite lesson?           

  • Maths             40%
  • Art                  25%
  • Science          18%
What is the best thing about Oasis Academy Clarksfield?      
  • Great teachers            16%
  • Learning                      11%
  • Playing with friends     07%