Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

A Day in Nursery

The learning programme in our Nursery is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Our aim is to provide holistic learning in a safe, happy and stimulating environment through which all children are challenged and make outstanding progress. To develop confident, happy children, equipped with foundations to nurture a lifelong love of learning. To engage with and value contributions from parents, professionals and the local community to ensure best outcomes for children.

We foster a harmonious atmosphere which supports and promotes self-esteem. We build confident communicators supporting every child as an individual across development in all areas of the Early Years and Foundation Stage. We help every child to grow up feeling confident about their own identity, in a spirit of friendship, understanding fairness and the rights of others, valuing diversity, and ready to be a British citizen.

A typical day in Nursery

Every morning once the children have arrived and settled in we do the register and begin our day. Throughout the day the children are taught maths, phonics and a session related to our current topic. We also do weekly circle times to help our Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

In addition, throughout the course of the week the children will also have the opportunity to develop their gross and fine motor skills through P.E. and Dough Disco and explore expressive arts and design through music. They will also practice mindfulness through Cosmic Yoga.

The Nursery classroom provides a high quality continuous provision, both indoors and outside, in which everything is carefully planned for. Children are able to explore this as they wish throughout the day, developing their characteristics of learning as they begin to apply their learning in different contexts. The continuous provision is primarily linked to our current topic, however we enjoy following the children’s interests and adapt as needed. Alongside the children’s opportunity to freely explore and investigate they will also work with an adult on focused tasks, usually working in small groups.

We have snack time with a variety of different fruits available for children to select. It is a lovely social time where we encourage lots of talking, usually having a 'picture of the day' which acts as a focal point for discussion. We also regularly practice self-care routines as the children are learning to become as independent as possible. At the end of the session the children enjoy our ‘reading time’ – this is a lovely time of day where the children may choose to listen to a story by an adult, read a book independently or work in a small group as part of a shared read.

Our learning space