Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Breakfast Club

Increasing your child’s success beyond the school day!

The breakfast club is open to all children attending our academy up to a maximum of 25 children a day from 8:15am.  The club will operate on school premises in a safe environment led by our Learning Mentor Miss Beswick, our Attendance and Safeguarding Officer, Mrs Cassin and supported by a learning support assistant, whose purpose is to make sure the children have the very best start to their day.

Breakfast choices:

  • Variety of Cereals 
  • Bagels
  • Choice of Drinks - water and milk
  • Toast with choice of spreads

The breakfast club provides opportunities for free play and structured play with a broad range of activities and freedom for children to choose their own activities, including board games, basketball, construction and colouring activities.

Friendly and welcoming staff for a happy, sociable start to the day.

If you wish to apply for a place for your child/children in Breakfast Club, you will need to complete a Breakfast Club Membership Form, and hand in at the school office. Mrs Cassin or Miss Beswick will contact you to let you know whether there is a place available for your child/children. Membership forms are available from the main school office. 

Breakfast club is £1 a session and to be paid via parent pay.